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My time with Jean-Pierre Réniez, the famous French Sword Master, close disciple of the late Grandmaster Okada of Muso Shinden Ryu, was really great. Jean-Pierre is a magnificent teacher, but after a couple of years some alienation developed between us. He is a high representative of ZNKR in France, and I wanted to go beyond the limits he has set for himself. My time with Master Sagawa stressed our relationship somewhat, but he was really pissed off when I invited Jan de Haan to Austria. He more or less "excommunicated" me, at a time when my Nihon Kenjutsu boomed in Austria, and I just shrugged the situation off like a marriage that had found is end.

Well, we were both in our mid-fourties at that time, stubborn "young" Dojo Masters and presidents of associations with different aims. In fact, more than a decade later, my Yudansha students solved the problem their way. They knew that I never had expressed anything but praise for Jean-Pierre, and they also knew that I was not in the position to invite him as a Guest Trainer. "No way - he will never accept an invitation by me - forget it".

Most of my senior Black Belt students are doctors, lawyers, engineers, business executives, entrepreneurs, etc. Of course, the Sensei-Deshi relationship peters down to mutual respect between peers when we sit in a restaurant after training. They just asked me if I have a problem if they go to a seminar held by Jean-Pierre. It is like a ritual - they know it is bad manners to go there without asking, and I will never "forbid" it. I know my teachings are correct; I let them go anywhere and they will find out, again.



So they went there, were scrutiniced, and well accepted. They came back with Jean-Pierre's best wishes for me, were invited for another visit, and they will go there again this year. Well, this was reason enough for me to send an apologization e-mail to Jean-Pierre. Sometimes it makes really sense to listen to younger people...



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