Omote (the modern writing is ) is the entry level of a Koryu.
It is the Kanji used for the exterior of a building or the visible part of an object.
Well, ZNKR Sete Jodo might be the visitors’ parking lot, and Omote is what you see before you walk in.

型名一覧 – Summary of Kata Names

太刀落 – Tachi Otoshi – Sword Drop

鍔割 – Tsuba Wari – Break the Sword Guard

着杖 – Tsuki Zue – Arrival Jo

引提 – Hissage  – Pull and Take Along

左貫 – Sakan – Penetration from the Left

– Ukan – Penetration from the Right

– Kasumi – Mist

物見 – Monomi – Keeping Watch

笠之下 – Kasa no Shita – Beneath the Umbrella

一禮 – Ichi Rei – One Point

寝屋之内 – Neya no Uchi – In the Sleeping Room

細道 – Hosimichi – Narrow Path


神道夢想流 – Shinto Muso Ryu

杖道 – Jodo